Husky Blog No. 1 – And So it Begins

This is the first of what i hope to be many blog updates on my latest short film Husky…


The idea is to keep these short and sweet, not to mention simple…


Basically, we are in pre-production at the moment, which means we are getting ready for principal photography [filming the film]. the script is finalised, which means it is locked down [only for us to discover a couple of continuity errors a few days after].


Myself and Lily Staff are organising and recruiting cast/crew members for the film, as well as the tedious task of finding locations… maybe we were a bit ambitious with the script…


i have been starting to storyboard the film and breaking up the script. Last time i storyboarded this heavily was for ‘Friend in the Devil’ which turned out visually strong so i was sure to do it again!


We are really excited to have some confirmed cast members, which i would love to share with you but do not want to jinx the production or provide wrong info if something goes wrong….


The crew is, like always, expanding, and i am trying to be as social as possible in regards to getting more people involved: remember to CONTACT ME if you’re interested!


Next post i’ll have some links and info and will also be sharing some of the concept work…


I have started filming some ‘Behind the Scenes’ footage which i will compile once the film is complete, as again i don’t want to make ten video blogs and then we dont get the money to make the film! BUT i will post some of the BTS when we start shooting which is planned for June.


Oh, whats that? Is that when the new Final Cut Pro X comes out….


One thought on “Husky Blog No. 1 – And So it Begins

  1. Great blog!!! I could easily relate to it! I am a film maker from the UK. I also work within the music video industry, live events, corporate sectors! If you have time please do check out my blog, although I literally made it a few hours ago so my content is limited!

    Keep this work up, it is great!

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