Visual Notes on Husky

I think the interesting thing about Husky is that it is visually relaxed, in some ways disrespectful to cinematic visual styles. What I mean is that there is not a focus to produce an amazing looking film; very story driven, yet it doesn’t shy away from tripods and panning, and even the odd tracking shot. In fact its such a load of mess that its semi documentary. It’s about capturing the moment, the connections between characters. So there will be minimalistic sound design, stripping away any need for orchestral accompaniment: guitar strings and single piano keys. But we are also being bold with sound. Using sound design as a way of adding flow to the shots, as used in 90% of my moooovies. Sound will be a BIG focus, simply because the on-set focus was always the actors, not the camera. This didn’t come because we didn’t care, simply because we weren’t shooting on RED, and it takes a long time to shoot properly with a DSLR. Now don’t get me wrong again, we took our time with this film, a lot of planning, and a lot of time on set, and I cannot ignore that I am not regretful of the fact that I had no DOP. But then again I haven’t before. I had to compare the visual style, I would say ‘The Wrestler’ on steroids. The steroids give it cinematic colouring; why? Because raw look crap! We still going to polish our turd. And hopefully people will enjoy its smell and the story it has to tell.

Vinny on bench


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