Lost in Italy Poster + Trailer + Husky wins first award!!!

The Trailer is coming soon – in the mean time i have the Poster i have been working on all shinny and new ready for your eyes to behold.

I have been working on the Poster with the producers Glen Murphy and Steve Darts and it’ll be used to help promote the film until it is distributed (at which point the distributers will probably make a better one :/ )

The film was screened ALONG WITH MY FILM HUSKY(!!!!!!!!!) at the Palombaro Film Festival in Italy where both films recieved respective awards for best film and best short film.

Husky will be out online soonish – check this video out for more information. In the mean time i have a few tweaks to do and some festivals to send the film off to.

As stated before, i will doing a blog post discussing my next two projects that will premiere online on my YouTube channel.

I have also updated My Website with a brand new look – ahhhh so much new stuff!!!

All the best

Dan Allen



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