Live Magazine UK

In December i was chosen to be a member of YouTube team at Live magazine:

After a two week bootcamp we are now in charge of producing content on their YouTube Channel:

Whilst this will have no impact of the welbeing of my current youtube channel ( it will allow me to produce some different kinf of content that would perhaps be out of place on my channel.

The Live YouTube team will be in partnership with YouTube and will be dedicated to creating youth driven media; new music artsists, original comedy sketches and much more. Below is a video I produced and below that is an example of a rather different type of video that we will see more of.

My live music session i produced:

Another Kind of video:


All in all this is a great new project I am excited to be involved with and I am looking forward to seeing where it goes in the future!

In the mean time i am developing several new projects that i can’t wait to talk about in the very near future.



DougandPhil Music video

Here is my Music Video for the phenomenally talented locals DougandPhil (Doug and Phil Panton).

I was asked to shoot their video but they have already got some of the footage recorded so i compiled my own version of the music video using the footage i shot.

Stay tuned for the official video!

REMEMBER: I am a freelance director so i am available for music videos, corporate media and adverts etc…

Contact me HERE.

Let me know what you think!