New Short Film in Production – ‘If Looks Could Kill’

I am excited to announce that i am currently working on an exciting new short film with Colchester Filmmakers!

The film is called ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and was written by a very talented writer, Gary Kittle.

It is a black and white thriller set in the year 2018, in a world in which all women are infected with a deadly skin desiese.
The film stars a couple of people from my previous short film ‘Husky’,namely Steven Johnson and Megan Vickers, who will be joined by Clive Hill, Stacey Wood and Penelope Read.


Below is a teaser trailer for the film, which is half way through production.


‘The Dark and Light’ wins it’s first award!

I am really pleased to announce my short film ‘The Dark and Light’ picked up its first award last month at the Pendragwn Film Festival in America!

The Dark and Light is a revised version of ‘The Dark and Light of Day’ which was funded by the BFI last June. It was a great project which involved a mentoring editorial process. The film was shot early June and then re-drafted and re-shot a few weeks later staring Mike Allen and George Baker.

The film won the award for ‘best cinematography’ which is terrific also as I shot the film myself! I love working with different cinematographers but I also this it is beneficial to be able to shoot a film on my own. I think it ads meaning to the word ‘filmmaker’ over a ‘film director’. Although directing is where i am looking to hone my career, being able to scale dale to a one or two man crew helps for the lower budget projects.

Anyway. Here is the revised version of The Dark and Light for your enjoyment!
The Dark & Light - Short film by Dan Allen by Daniel_Allen_2

Husky at Southend

Husky will be playing at the closing Gala Night at the Southend Film Festival – something which I couldn’t be more excited about.

My film will be proceeding ‘Lost in Italy’, a film which I have been involved with; producing the trailer and other promotional materials with the producers.

In addition to this I have also uploaded a new rendition of Husky. This is a 15 minute cut (five minutes shorter than the original that does away with several scenes and components but I’d love to know what you guys think:

Stay tuned for more news coming soon!