‘The Karate Kid Complex’ – New Short Film


I have just completed work on my latest short film ‘The Karate Kid Complex’.

I wrote this short nostalgic / comedy abotu Jnauary time and the plan was to enter it into the virgin Media Shorts competition, but after several setback and other projects ans well as studies the script was put to the shelf for the time being, but was always of prominant interest as some form of ‘pet project’ of mine. Its very short (less than two and a half minutes) but within the timespan aims to be enjoyable, charming, emotional, thrilling and humourous – quite ambitious i guess. But, by following aristotles basic formulea for drama i believe it is always possible to condense these ideas into a shorter duration by enuring a tight and well constructive narrative form. For such reasons i was rather pleased that ‘The Karate Kid Complex’ quickly became a viable option for virgin media shorts submission again.

The film is about a boy, Nigel Winters, who takes karate lessons in order to overcome his bullies who have made his life a perpetual torment. The basic idea was to follow a basic line of cliche’s and ‘cheese’ in order to fulfill a hollywood-esc design in terms of story, narrative and character. But then, at the ast minute to suddenly deviate away from convention and throw a curveball at the audience, designed for humorous effect. Everythign about the productiona nd its design employs these conventionas and emotive experience, whilst, on a personal level, trying to acheive a far greater level of production value than was possible with the likes of Husky, given that they both effectively ahd the same budget, but vary considerably in both length and scope.

The film stars new-comers to the Dan Allen Films Universe; William Fisher and Jamie Weston, whilst seeing the return of Ellis Winn (Vinny in ‘Husky’) as the Dojo Master who takes Nigel under his arm.

My Brother D.O.P’d the film, using his experience in photography to bring a new visual experience that is both clean and stylistic, with a key emphasis and symmetry and movement.

My new film ‘The Karate Kid Complex’ is available NOW on the virgin media shorts website via this link: http://karatekid.danallenfilms.com and i would really apreciate your help in watching the film and clicking on one of the ‘share’ buttons on the page, which will help us try and acheive the people’s choice award – an achievement that would be simply amazing!  But, like is said, this cannot be done without your support as the people’s choice goes to the most shared film and i’d really, really appreciate your help.

I hope you guys like the film and thank you for your time you have taken to read this film.