Husky – NOW ON DVD and Download!


Since i finished Husky, my most ambitious short film to date, i started working in the background on a DVD that i hoped to share with you guys.

So now, available from £1.80 is the Download of the film for your iPod (which is also included with the DVD for £3.00), both can be upgraded to include a Blu-Ray Quality download also.

Included with the DVD only, is over two hours of special features, including behidn the scenes, audio commentary, an alternative cut of the film, all the promotional trailers, and a special message from myself.


The film has been an incredible journey which has bettered me as a filmmaker and i now hope to go even further as i share the film with new people and embark on new projects, so please help me fulfil such ambitions by purchasing a copy of the film.

You’ll also receive a discount of my short film Bundle I’ll be releasing some time later this year which will include some of my earliest works!


Dan Allen