Website Milestone

I like to tweak my website every now and then and i just put a few tweaks on it and took a step back. I like to think that my website has reached its second milestone. The first was to even have a website. This second one is because i am actually tremendously happy with the website. I like to change my website frequently, being a director I like to constantly tweak things, always desiring the unattainable perfection, and my website is no exception. Needless to say over the next 12 months my site will likely go through a dramatic design overhaul as I am also considering better blog integration with either tumblr or WordPress or simply using one of their platforms as the basis for my website to save money. Anyway, if you get a chance, check out my website as it stands today and let me know what you think:

Also hat off to Josh Faux who helped me design the home page – check out his amazing design work :


Resident Evil 6 Live Action Game Trailer!!!

I recently completed work as the editor for the UK Resident Evil 6 Live Action Game Trailer.

It was fantastic and scary (no pun intended) working on a project of such magnitude but i think that the finished project is something everyone involved is proud of.

Thanks to the director Jason Wright of Silent Studios.

Also check out Clive Doubles Make-Up work as one of the chief make-up artists on set (Clive worked on my Recent short film ‘The Karate Kid Complex’ and i am excited to be working with him again soon on a more ambitious project for both myself and him.

Let me know your thoughts on the video and make sure to pay attention to teh amazing Soundtrack by Christopher Hanson.