2K12 – Review – Dan Allen, Filmmaker.

So I plan to make this kind of blog customary; I write on average, one blog post a month, so why not make the final one of the year reflective. Some people do not believe in being reflective and outlining goals as they would like to believe in the constant pursuit of such objectives that shouldn’t be cushioned or categorised by year endings and beginnings; I however think that such chapter markers are effective tools to not only set out goals for the next 365 days, but to look back, which is always far easier and effective when used appropriately. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” As Steve Job’s proclaimed in his 2005 Stanford Speech. In this I believe it is possible to try and see how each event in ones life, or specifically, ones year, lead to each other, and thus hope to assess possibilities of where such things will take you in the future, as well as considering where I would like to be taken, and things i can set out to do to ensure i get there. I also have left many of my ‘I’s in their lowercase ‘i’ state. Deal with it.


In 2012 I made two short films (excluding the non-serious Les Intrus which rubbed a few of my subscribers up the wrong way) I made the Unofficial Minecraft Film and The Karate Kid Complex; Whilst the latter is still in some form of Festival Limbo, neither really excelled to the degree i had hoped for them; which is why one of my goals in 2013 will be to really plan the distribution of my first short film, scheduled to start filming later this week ‘Audition’, written by Richard Anthony Dunford. Despite this, both films took a step up in terms of production value and i really strive to be in a position where the response to my work isn’t ‘they did well to make a film look like that’ – one should be taking the film on face value and considering its worth as a film, not at an attempt at producing a film. I also shot two music videos this year, one of which was uploaded to BlankTV; That being ‘Touring The Map’ by Forever After; a great group of lads who i hope to be working with again soon in the new year!


Furthermore, 2012 featured, to a greater extent the rise of my 2011 films – Mondays, Husky and The Dark and Light all receiving recognition internationally along with The Open Door on home turf. Considering this perhaps next year will be the year for The Karate Kid Complex, which was my guilty pleasure comedy which i find half-heartedly more hilarious than i would let on.


I reached a website milestone i am proud of and am taking steps forward to develop it further in the new year also. Theres loads of other things i am proud of but theres only so many i can recall in coherence with me retaining your attention. Oh yes, i saw my first live gig this year; in fact not only did i see my first, i saw several; Gabrielle Aplin, Blink 182, Charlie Simpson, Bowling for Soup, Mayday Parade and Maverick Sabre. Music is great.


This year i was lucky enough to go to Canada to work on a  film with Brendan Cleary for a week! I worked on Fifth Gear in Birmingham for a week, and then worked as the editor on the Resident Evil 6 Trailer!!! RESIDENT EVIL 6 TRAILER!!! Since then i have been working with the production company Silent Studios as their editor on many of their promotional projects. This si the definition of going places in the literal sense. Hollywood will have to wait.


Independently i also wrote my first ever feature film screenplay. This was an exciting procedural process that, for the most part, i kept to myself. Its yet to go through another draft but the story was developed over and over before writing even began and even after writing began so its in no way a throwaway first draft. I have also outlined a new screenplay which i aim to write in 2013, and the best bit is that its actually practical to shoot in the near future…


Speaking of the future i will take this moment to outline goals of 2013. This won’t be filled with dietary goals; being at University of East Anglia now, dietary and health precision is less of a concern. Speaking of which moving out was a big step for me but one i took in my stride. I also got four A levels and an A* EPQ making the Minecraft Short Film – i don’t generally mention stuff outside of the film realm so i will take this opportunity. I am 6’1; another irrelevant fact for you guys. Moving on. In 2013, i hope to:


  1. Write my second feature film screenplay,

  2. Shoot my most ambitious short film yet,

  3. Write and direct the scariest movie yet

  4. Make the biggest online impact yet.

  5. And for the hell of it, eat more vegetables.

Five sounds manageable.


Back to 2012, in regards to my YouTube, after much too-ing and fro-ing i finally had my Adsense account reactivated and shortly afterwards received my YouTube Partnership!!! The best thing about this is now my film projects are starting to pay for themselves, and i am slightly less ‘skint’ than i was… I gained 8,857 new Subscribers (NET) and attained 1.998 million views across my videos.


This was the biggest year for my YouTube Channel http://youtube.danallenfilms.com The widest spreading year for my films geographically and the biggest step up in production value.


I wanted to thank everyone who has every watched my videos on YouTube, especially those who either subscribed or came back for more; without you guys i have no audience, and without an audience there is no film or content. I also wanted to especially thank everyone who has donated. Without your extra special support i wouldn’t be able to put the amount of time and effort into the tutorials i make as I do. Thanks to my closest friends and everyone that has helped support each and every production and film venture – thanks to everyone that believed in me and gave me the most wonderful opportunities i was blessed with throughout the year, and thanks to my family for supporting me perpetually throughout my filmmaking career, I hope to make something of it.


Here’s to another year and another step forward.