Audition Done. What’s Next?


So today marks the completion of Audition! Yeah! It was a baby that I carried for longer than I anticipated, there were a few post production delays but its it’s looking great!


Over the next few month we are pushing it out to some film festivals, I’ll have more to share soon, and it will be online early next year.


It came together wonderfully, its marketed as a complete genre film but I think it has a gracious amount of depth that the horror genre has unfortunately become renowned for NOT having. The central character/villain Beaufort has been brought to life by Carey Thring and its really a very chilling performance. Lauren Shotton and Louise Ann Munro are also great; the ensemble have this great chemistry especially considering they only met on the eve of the shoot. I’ll have even more to share closer to the online release; Look out for behind the scenes blogs which I’ll continue to upload monthly up to the online release! Remember they premiere on and then a week or two later appear on !


In the mean time I have a few projects in very early development including my first feature film. This is an independent project that is very much a scale-up of my short-film work – telling a larger narrative on a slightly bigger budget with the same values on character and story, and the same small and intimate crew. I don’t have anything to give away on story yet but once the script is done and we are ready to move forward I’ll have some promotional material.


The great thing about  YouTube and Facebook is that I have an audience. This means that even if the feature film doesn’t sell, it will have a place online as a mini-series where you guys can watch it!


Aside from the feature I am developing a couple of slightly different projects but we will see where they lead….


The Karate Kid Complex will be online October 16th 🙂


Also here’s a wallpaper for Audition if you’d like to share the love. Download Link:




Dan Allen