Karate Kid Complex & YouTube Evolution

ImageSo after a days delay my short film The Karate Kid Complex is finally on YouTube for the whole world to see.


First off I wanted to thank my subscribers for bearing with me over a reform spell of planning future content and developing other projects which don’t generate immediate content.


Lots of great YouTube channels make promises and hit them every week producing great and consistant content. However my channel has always been inexplicably personal to me. Every video is resonant of the kind of thing a I am doing with my life and most videos are a direct result of the projects I am working on, if not they are the projects themselves.


The downside to this is that I may not always appear consistent but every video should be either informative or taking you in a slightly different direction. It’s evolution because if you stand still you die. So rather than go through dramatic and sudden reform I like to evolve my channel over time.


The Karate Kid Complex is a short film I made a year ago for Virgin Media Shorts. Whilst it wasn’t a primary project it was always my pet project and become the work of a great group of people. It isn’t Audition in quality but it’s got heart. For that reason I didn’t want to disregard it because it was old. I want my channel to be reflective of my career so I don’t always want to pick at choose: I want to share.

Humour is subjective and this film may not be your thing but if it is please share it with others you think might like it. You guys are my incredibly valued audience but I make my films for everyone.



Thanks to everyone who has ever watched my videos whether you liked them or not, I’ve said it once and I will say it again. My films are nothing without you, the audience.