New Website

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So after more than a year I have changed the design of my website once again. Why? To shift the focus back to the content. I wanted my work to be front and centre so people can understand my visual edge as a filmmaker much quicker.

Content Lottery

So whereas before I had a fully fledged menu across the top where you could very accurately navigate to music videos or short films and then choose a film etc. here, all my most recent work is displayed in a grid format which gives very little information about the nature of each project. The thinking here was again, content first; I’m hoping people click on the thumbnail that visually strikes them the most and will therefore connect with. However, if you know about my work then the names of each project are underneath so you can very quickly find what you are looking for. Similarly if you came to find out about projects then that is exactly what the blog is for:

WordPress and Site Pages

I hope to update this blog much more regularly. Each post will be posted my new site as well as on my wordpress site. I would like to encourage people however to use this website foremost as means to read my blogs as it keeps you close to the content, but for the foreseeable future I see no reason not to utilise both platforms.

The only other page on the menu bar on my new site is the filmography, a quick way to see all my credits, view my showreel and find external links. The one stop shop for all things Dan Allen.

Other small additions are a very simple contact form and a donation link for those generous people who have enquired about supporting my work and my YouTube Channel… which leads me to:

YouTube and FCPX Integration

Over the coming months I am looking for ways to incorporate more of my YouTube and Final Cut Pro X work onto my website as whilst my websites have always been used as a platform to showcase my film work, my FCPX Training has become a big part of my work and i want that to be reflected on my online portfolio.


One side note is that until my main domain is transferred over, my ‘.com’ address redirects to the true domain of ‘.net’, although I am hoping for the site to be hosted at both domains soon.

Anyway, please use the contact form on my website to submit any issues or bugs you find on the website – there is a contact link at the bottom of every page.



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