The Home Front Line Theatre Trailers

Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure of directing for screen three teaser trailers for three individual stage shows as part of a collective works ‘The Home Front Line’ UEA Third Year Drama students’ final production. With a a few weeks of working with the marketing team and planning, I shot and edited three trailers within 7 days.

It was intense but so worth it. Below you can watch all three with some of my notes on each one and how the style developed from teaser to teaser.

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The idea was for each video to play out like a scene from the movie adaptation of each play. For me it was important to delay the music to establish this effect.

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Due to limitations the images became slightly more visually abstract but it we managed to get a sense of flow and intimacy by retaining the tight farming used in the first teaser.

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We played off the heavier involvement of war in the play featured in the third teaser by using it as a narrative frame to recall some of the images and events of the main play.

I think that as a collective these teasers paint the bigger picture but individually they also offer a tonal and thematic representation of their respective plays, and the stylistic choice of creating scene teasers over fully fledged trailers allowed us to move quicker and get all three made effectively and efficiently.


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