Looking back at 2014


This post has taken me a bit longer to get around to writing than I had originally anticipated. Christmas has been a lot more relaxed this year than it has in the past. I have never really allowed myself time off, but this year I tried it. I certainly enjoyed it whilst in the middle of it but now I have come out the other side and I can’t say I feel cleansed so much as eager to get back to doing what it is I do.

In 2014 I shot three films and several trailers for theatre productions.

It’s not bad going. Lets compare this to the aims I set in my last blog post.

“• Produce and Direct two new unique short films

• Pollish the screenplay for my low-budget feature

• Attend more events and meet more people

• Make 2014 the year of Audition

• Be healthy and concise (Ambiguity intended)”

So I definitely over achieved in terms of number of films shot. That’s good news. Although Glove Compartment is actually just a few tweaks away from being done, it is my largest film yet in terms of scope and character focused narrative which was one of my focuses of the year.

I shot my second film as part of the 48 hour sci-fi competition. I’ve really enjoyed taking part each year as it kind of forces you to just get down and make a movie and the end result could be anything but it is always something. It’s too easy to lapse. It’s too easy to get hung up on what you’ve been working for so long or preoccupied with what is next. I hope to take part this year, and in addition I hope to address the areas I have lapsed in.

Glove Compartment should be finished. There. I said it. There is no good reason why it isn’t done other than other projects and studies. I am going to be much more rigorous with deadlines this year and set myself lots of small deadlines within those larger ones. If I can make a film in 48 hours, I can hit intermediate deadlines.

Similarly, whilst planning the larger picture, it’s really important that my array of ideas for the future translates into actual development on some of the ideas. My pet projects, my actual projects, they need the aid of deadlines too. Even if they are dream projects; lets get them on paper.

My third short film Fledglings was shot at the National Youth Film Academy which was one of the highlights of the year. When I was asked to attend as a director I was thrilled that my online presence had resulted in a new experience and interaction and, even more, a film. I met some amazingly talented actors and filmmakers that I hope to stay in touch with, so long as they understand I am not so good at replying on Facebook and texts all the time! Call me and I’ll pick up. My: “I’ll reply in a bit” never pans out.

My biggest shortcoming of the year was my YouTube channel. I neglected my subscribers this year. There’s no other way to look at it and I am very sorry. I could delve into what went wrong and what I would change but my foremost response is to simply attempt to do better from the off this year. That’s what I want to do.

My health that I considered last year has been okay. I certainly feel good but my conditioning is up and down. I was running one month and eating too much the next. Overall I think I maintain myself well so I can’t be too disappointed.

It hasn’t been the year of Audition. That said, Audition has enjoyed a healthy online viewing and is now up to around 15K views. I am thrilled. I have such a fantastic audience online and I want to treat and thank you all much better!

The feature film screenplays are being re-evaluated and are being waited on better ideas and perspectives. I am not overly concerned however, as I have a few really cool things lined up for the start of the year.

I’ll be finishing university this year and want to attend the National Film and Television School more than anything in the world. I just think the way my career has unfolded that it would be such a logical and powerful next step for me as both a person and a director. The average intake age is really high however, though I like to think that, for my age, my experience is considerable.

This year then. 2015. Wow.

  • Two new films
  • Meet even more people (Stomp my Feet)
  • YouTube
  • Be better at online communications
  • Read more

I hope you all can feel my irritation and eagerness bursting through this very blog post which stands in the way of me and working right now. So without any further ado: let’s get to it!!!

Happy New Year!

Dan xx

Photo by Tristan Syrett


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