Glove Compartment

Long-term hitman Frankie takes untrained killer Jacob under his wing for his latest instruction, but Jacob’s psychotic tendencies lead him to taking the daughter of their targets captive. When Jacob insists on treating the young girl to a milkshake, the whole series of events threaten to unravel Frankie’s humility and psychological barriers, which hold the past at bay and have allowed him to become so successful at his profession.

Data Protection

Made in 48 Hours for the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Competition 2015.

Two siblings attempt to retrieve their father’s bank details direct from his brain.


On a cold British evening, Cherry smith goes for an audition at first-time director Beaufort’s Bladamir’s house, who’s passion for realism pushes the boundaries of cinema, and Cherry herself. Directed, Edited, Produced and Sound Design by Dan Allen

This Wild Life – Music Documentary

Directed by, Videography and editing by Dan Allen


Talisman By Major Zeus – Created For The SCI-FI London 48 Hour Film Festival.
Line: ‘Everything Will Be Okay You’ll See’
Prop: Phone/Tablet – A Character Uses The Tablet To Scan Another Characters Eye.
Theme: A Year Long Eclipse Occurs Which Changes The World Forever 

Directed, Edited and VFX by Dan Allen

Doug Panton – Live Music Video

Directed and Edited by Dan Allen

The Karate Kid Complex

Nigel Winter is getting bullied. Every day when he walks home from school they are there. But when destiny glides a ‘Karate Lessons’ leaflet into his path, Nigel takes the matter into his own hands and seeks revenge. Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Allen


Husky is a short film that follows Vinny, a village outcast; tormented by the people of the village. This intertwining narrative filled with suspense, emotion and heart-warming moments, sees the redemption of our hero and highlights the effects of prejudice against people from all walks of life. Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Allen

Forever After – Music Video

Directed and Edited by Dan Allen

The Dark and Light

Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Allen

Minecraft: Its Your World

Lucas disappoints his parents with his recent addiction to the online video games Mine craft, however his parents hold greater secrets even from each other. Unofficial. No affiliation with Mojang. Written, Directed and Edited by Dan Allen


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